Fortnite Sensitivity Settings

Missing out on a target even spotting them well before them is a real frustration in the Fortnite battleground. Missing out on targets and pointer not getting to move according to your mind precision, you surely are not having optimized sensitivity settings for Fortnite

You need to really get the keybinds and mouse settings combination working really well for you to get the best sensitivity for Fortnite PC. We covered in detail Tfue Fortnite Settings and Fortnite Ninja Settings, but here we will be specifically talking about the Fortnite Sensitivity settings

Understanding Sensitivity Settings Fortnite

The Fortnite Sensitivity Settings on Offer include various options that each of the players on Fortnite PC needs to get right according to his requirements. Some of the terms that you will see in the sensitivity settings in Fortnite are mentioned below with their short descriptions

DPI: The Most Critical Part

Getting the best mouse for Fortnite is critical because of the DPI metric needs to be improved to a great deal of accuracy. DPI literally stands for Dots per inch that leads to the determination of how sensitive a mouse is. Mouse sensitivity settings play a crucial part in roaming around like a champion in the intense battlefield

First, let us see what the Fortnite PC pros have been using for their Sensitivity DPI Settings

Chap 800
Tfue 400
Myth 1300

All the pros come with their own Fortnite mouse sensitivity settings according to their feasibility of hand movements. If you follow one of them then you can surely look to set these. Else, you can see what slight adjustments you can make and get the accuracy of the perfect shot

Sensitivity X

When you need to deal with the horizontal movements, left and right, it is called X-Axis. How sensitive your mouse should be while moving in the left and right directions, you can get it right by adjusting Sensitivity X.

Ninja 7.50%
Chap 15%
Tfue 10.0%
Myth 6.80%

Upon the feedback from Fortnite players, the ideal settings remain between 7% to 10% for Mouse Sensitivity X settings. You need to try out how quick you are to respond while making horizontal movements and then adjust it accordingly

Sensitivity Y

When you moving in up and down direction, you term it as Y-Axis. The camera speed at which it should move vertically with regards to your mouse movements, these are Sensitivity Y settings in Fortnite. Sensitivity Y settings of the Pros are

Ninja 6.50%
Chap 15.0%
Tfue 10.0%
Myth 6.80%

As you might have observed, it is greatly recommended that both the Sensitivity X and Sensitivity Y should be kept the same for uniform pointer speeds during the course of action. The movements should always remain in control of yours so that you don’t miss out on a critical target. 

Target & Scope Sensitivity

The target sensitivity to determine mouse speed when you are aiming at a target. Obviously you want to slow down the process when critically aiming at any point. Similarly, a Scope Sensitivity comes into play when you are using a Scoped Weapon. So, let’s have an overview of the Fortnite Target Sensitivity and Scope Sensitivity deployed by the legends of the game


Are We Good To Go With These Fornite Sensitivity Settings?

As we all know that Windows Pointer Speed doesn’t get counted and Fortnite PC always uses their own set of settings for the players. The best of the Fortnite players have revealed the settings used by them but you still need to adjust them according to your own hand movements

A great performing mouse is critical for making deadly accurate shots. You just can’t rely on low-quality equipment to make you excel out there. We have collected the best personal gear that can surely help you out in getting the most skillful out there

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