Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)


Once you’ve gone through the process of Installing Fortnite on your PC, it’s time to get going on the battlefield.

Select the Fortnite Tab in Epic Launcher and click on the Launching Button. 

Click on the Battle Royale Game Mode 

It will take a few minutes to join the server once you click on the Play Button. 

The player remains in the staging area until all the other players join the game. It is a great time to warm up yourself. Practice the shooting and move around the area to see how the control works.

The game starts when you are in a large purple flying bus which makes you land in the battle arena. Press M to popup the map so you can see where you have to land yourself. 

An icon appears on the screen when you should be ready to jump from the purple bus. Press the space button to launch yourself towards the ground. 

Once you’ve landed onto the ground, make sure you quickly collect ammunition by sprinting around. 

You can loot around to collect resources if you think no one is around to attack. Otherwise, you will have to take down the opponents before you can begin looting. 

How to Run in Fortnite PC

Sprinting around the Fortnite Battlefield is essential for getting on top of the game skills. On Keyboard, W, A, S, D are the buttons to move up, left, down and right respectively. For running, you can press the left shift along with directional buttons. To make autorun, you should press the equal sign on the keyboard. 

How to Build in Fortnite PC

Battles in Fortnite is not all about attacking and randomly taking down all the opponents. It takes massive strategy to be the last man standing and win the game. You need to build structures where you can hide and defend yourself. For this purpose, you need to collect as many building resources as you can in the city where you are trying to survive. 

Defensive structures include stairs, ceilings, walls, doors, and ramps. To enter into the building mode, press the Q button on the keyboard. F1, F2, F3, F4 are the building slot buttons that you can use them to create defensive structures. 

F1: Press this button to build walls and fences for protection. 

F2: Press this button to create floors and ceilings for your four-sided fence. 

F3: Press this button to build stairs inside your building structure. 

F4: Press this button to create shelters with the help of triangular cones. 

Right-click can be pressed while on the building menu to browse through the building material options you possess. If you need to modify the existing building structure, press the G button. Press R to rotate your structure in order to get more protection. 

How to Add Friends in Fortnite PC?

To add up friends in Fortnite, you need to know the username or email address of the person you need to add. There is a Friend Tab in the main menu of Fortnite PC Epic Launcher. If you’ve received any friend request, you can see them below the heading of Friend Invites. 

You can search the Epic Games Username or Email Address to find the player you want to add as a friend. Moreover, you can look for the suggested list of friends below to add people randomly.  

Which types of Weapons are available in total?

There are many attractive weapons which you can use according to the situation and your needs. Each of the players has their own set of preferences and uses weapons that suit best to them to be more accurate.  The list of weapons in Fortnite are:







Rocket Launchers


What do Weapon Colors Depict?

Weapon colors indicate how much common a weapon is on the battlefield. Being common means it is easy to find and there are some rare weapons that are more useful and harder to collect. Rare weapons have great stats and are more destructive than the common ones. 

White Color: Common Weapon

Green Color: Uncommon Weapon

Blue: Rare Weapon

Purple: Epic Weapon

Orange: Legendary Weapon

Which Weapons are great for Short Range, Mid Range, and Long Range Combats?

For short-range combats: Shotguns, Handguns, SMGs

For Mid Range combats: Rifles

Long-Range Shooting: Snipers

Grenade and Rocket Launchers can be used to destroy enemy structures and their defensive systems.