Fortnite KeyBinds : Controls & Keyboard Commands

Fortnite KeyBinds : Controls & Keyboard Commands


To quickly maneuver in Fortnite Battlefield, players need to master PC controls. If you don’t master these keyboard shortcuts then you might won’t be able to survive for long enough. There are up to 99 players in a single battlefield so we have to make our moves quickly. To be able to come on top, you need to master these Controls.

Default Controls

Up, Down, Left, Right – WASD

Cursor Mode – Left Alt/Right Alt

Jump – Space Bar

Fire – Left Mouse Button

Aim Down Sight (ADS) – Right Mouse Button

Reload – R

Use – E

Trap Equip/Picker – T

Building Edit – G

Repair/Upgrade – F

Rotate Building – R

Sprint – Left Shift

Change Building Material – Right Mouse Button

Reset Building Edit – Right Mouse Button

Weapon Slots – 1, 2, 3, 4

Ability Slots – 5, 6, 7

Gadget Slots – 8, 9

Building Slots – F1, F2, F3, F4

Trap Slot – F5

Switch Quickbar – Q

Slot Up – Mouse Wheel Down

Slot Down – Mouse Wheel Down

Chat – Enter

Quick Chat Message – B

Place a Note – N

Spot Target – Middle Mouse Button

Selected Building Type – V

Toggle Map – M

Toggle Inventory – I

Skip Cutscene – Space Bar

Resurrect – Left Mouse Button

Respawn – Right Mouse Button

Crouch – Left Ctrl

Push To Talk – Y

Recommended – Best Controls  

Every Fortnite Player has worked out its own set of controls and moves to facilitate themselves. You can’t afford to lose battles because your fingers pressed the wrong button at a crucial time. So, if you want to change any Keyboard Settings, move the cursor to three strips at the top right corner of the main menu.

From here you can see the PC keybinds. Since you’ve now known how important it is to get hold of complete controls and fast use of buttons. You can select any Fortnite keybind and change it for which you feel comfortable. When you change the controls, keyboard settings are automatically updated.

Mouse Settings and Aim Assist

Fortnite players have greater advantages in terms of Aiming and Shooting when they are using a mouse and keyboard instead of a controller. Players find their shooting range limited on controllers due to the limited thumb and thumbstick movements. While the mouse allows you to aim long-range and change shooting targets swiftly.

Aim Assist allows players to quickly change their targets and shoot them. It also helps in tracking the target nearby and setting shooting aim on them. This mechanism hasn’t been a big hit since it doesn’t support the positioning and we often become vulnerable to get shot down from the opponents.

It is better to master movements with Keyboard and Mouse instead of turning Aim Assist ON in Fortnite Game Settings. If you browse towards input settings, you can find the tabs for Mouse Sensitivity X and Mouse Sensitivity Y.  If you have tried and tested different mouse speeds in both directions then you can adjust the settings according to your needs. However, the Pro Mouse Settings are 0.18 for both the Axis.

Keeping mouse sensitivity lower allows players the time to aim and shoot quite well. Higher Mouse Sensitivity Rates can disturb your aims in tensed situations. Since cursor will be moving at a high speed, controlling it becomes a very difficult job.

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